Thursday, 5 January 2012

The Gift has ARRIVED!!

Yahoo!! Akhirnye smpai jugak hadiah GIVEAWAY from Little Attic`s Art ^_^
Setelah menunggu selama enam hari dgn kerisauan yg tidak terhingga finally the gift has arrived today!!
Saye dapat sedikit barangan handmade from them!!
Nak tahu ape hadiahnyer??
Jom tengok gmbar!
I really love this gift although it was simple :)

"klik gambar utk ZOOM IN"
*censored alamat rumah,LOL

Let`s see what`s inside this envelope!!

a handmade products!!


(what a meaningful words!!)

so sweet :) macam LOLLIPOP pulak (YUMMY!)

Little Attic`s Art bussiness card
( front view )

( back view)

Okay that`s all for today`s entry..
Until the next post,SEE YA!!

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